Here's what people are saying about my life in sourdough. 



"My life in sourdough explores dating, disappointment, and falling in love with a jar of yeast. (It) follows the dating debacles of an unlucky-in-love French girl whose love for all things culinary surpasses her interest in men. The end result is a quirky kind of rom-com-meets-Food-Network format, with a sensual focus on food and a narrative that’s eccentric, adorable, and beautifully shot. And for anyone trapped in the hellscape of modern dating, it’s weirdly relatable."


Tribeca Film Festival

"Marie 's web series about the trials and tribulations of life, dating, and love in Brooklyn has a magical quality to it. Between each webisode is a gorgeously lensed and beautifully styled recipe process that relates to the storyline.  My Life in Sourdough imbues storylines with a feminine, sensual quality, while keeping situational humor at its heart and the connection to food both seamless and natural."



Marie  of My Life in Sourdough knows a thing or two about how to make flour flourish. In her series, now filming its third season in Paris (!!!), we watch her explore life and love as it intersects with food. Baking, we see as she presents delicate homemade scones to a love interest, is an expression of love. 



"New York-based filmmaker and photographer Marie C. has a lofty resume to her name. She creates short films for countless inspiring businesses and personalities, is the creative force behind her own offbeat cooking series My Life in Sourdough, and has won several awards for her accomplished work". 


Watch Meet Make 

" My Life in Sourdough plays with gourmet hipster culture through a hybrid fiction, autobiography and cooking show format. This genre innovation allows  Marie  to explore her combined interests in cooking and awkward romantic interactions - and to cleverly blend the well-known cooking show format with an offbeat narrative about the difficulties of finding true love in Brooklyn"


Romilly Newman

"I remember the first time I watched the delightful series that is My Life in Sourdough - full of elegant shots of fresh produce and chilled butter running through manicured red nails. Only a French woman could produce a show so beautifully composed and mouthwateringly delicious, yet utterly, effortless. I've yet to discover another culinary series which artfully marries food, humor, romance, and a beautiful aesthetic."



"I am a sucker for a good romantic comedy. Even better if it offers a refreshing angle on the single life and better still if it involves the love of food!"


Honest Cooking

"...there’s an elegance and quirky honesty to Marie’s work that speaks to both an intelligent, subtle French sense of humor (that I very much appreciate) and the wondrous absurdity of being young today in Brooklyn."


Indie Wire 

My life in sourdough "alternates between scripted vignettes around food and lovingly photographed segments instructing viewers how to make simple, elegant dishes. It’s a beautiful and ambitious series with tremendous potential".


The Town Dish

"The cutest, tastiest web series to hit the Internet, My life in sourdough is both adorable and engaging and actually offers a recipe and useful lifestyle tip alongside each webisode."


Filmmaker Magazine

My life in sourdough” (...) call(s) on the rather deep bullpen of internet foodies by situating a recipe at the center of each episode. The latter is boy meets girl plus 6 AM homemade pasta, and readymade for the venn diagram sweet spot of film and cookery".



"Quirky and not yet established, it blends new food with new love in New York City. The format is reality TV meets culinary exploration, making it a little bit kooky and indirectly educational..."