sardines on sourdough


Sardines on sourdough - Tartines aux sardines

Inspiration for this recipe comes from my students years - Cambridge Law to be precise. Exam term was the one time of the year I would lock myself in the library to catch up on work and the thing that kept me going was a sandwich - sardines and avocado - sometimes swapped with tuna and avocado. There is something so satisfying about learning caselaw knowing a canned fish mixed in with avocado on a good slice of bread awaits. That thought alone made me learn faster! You can use canned sardines or fresh ones roasted in the oven .

serves 4

to make the mayonnaise

egg yolks 2

Djion mustard - 1 teasooon

lemon juice - 1 teaspoon

sunflower oil

olive oil

sea salt


sandwich filling

fresh sardines - 6 (you can replace this with 2 cans of sardines)

lemon - one

avocado - one

watermelon radishes - two

pink peppercorn - a sprinkle

red onion - one

dill - a few stems

parsley or cilantro - a few stems

sprouts - a handful

olive oil 

sea salt

To make the mayonnaise : bring all the ingredients at room temperature. Start by whisking the yolks with the mustard and lemon juice, very gradually (drop by drop) add the sunflower oil, keep whisking fast until it becomes thicker. Finish with a touch of olive oil - the whole thing is a bit of a work out but so worth it! Keep refrigerated for up to 4 days.

To make the filling: If using fresh sardines - preheat the oven at 350°F / 160°C. Layer the sardines in a oven proof dish, add some slices of red onion, lemon and a few stems of dill. Add pepper, salt and a touch of olive oil and bake for about 15 mn until just cooked. If using canned sardines, open the can! Mash the cooked sardines with the red peppercorns and salt, add some freshly cut herbs (dill, cilantro or parsley or all of them). With a mandolin slice the watermelon radishes, and mix with olive oil and salt. Slice the avocado, slice a fresh sourdough baguette and build your open-faced sandwich: a little bit of mustard spread on the bread, topped with the sardines, avocados, watermelon radishes and the sprouts. Serve immediately.