SOPHIE  - Luana Duchemin  Jeanne's sister, an uptight lawyer  who thinks all rules are meant to be broken. 

PIERRE (Ezéchiel) Jeanne's nephew, encourages her to open a pop-restaurant. 

GUILLAUME (Alexis Gambis)  Jeanne's brother- in- law who wants to set her up on blind dates. 

JEANNE (Marie C.) After looking for love in all the wrong places, Jeanne falls for Fluffy, her sourdough starter

FLUFFY (David Kestin)  Jeanne's sourdough starter , roommate, best friend and lover 

MARC (Marc Ruchmann)  Jeanne's parisian love interest, thinks crêpes are made with beer 

GEORGES (Philippe Rambaud) Jeanne's father,  thinks  eating raw garlic is the best cure for jetlag

LEILA - (Lucy  Teitler )  free-spirited , thinks dating food is a gateway to being gay.

JIHED   Jeanne's favorite  fishmonger  in Paris.. 

CARL (Alrick Brown)  a very talented chef  who teaches Jeanne how to make fresh pasta 

KIRSTEN (Kirsten Tan) Jeanne’s roommate., can’t cook  but always gives Jeanne great advice about  her love life.

ROBIN   A parisian man for whom childless women are a turn off. 

CHARLES (Valéry Schatz) Jeanne's ex-boyfriend , a parisian psychiatrist  

PETER (Patrick Vaill)  A sensitive and vegan NY ballet dancer on a no-sugar diet 

STAN (Stan Demidoff)  Jeanne's friend, a raw egg eater who tells her what she does not want to hear

MIKE (Michael Kincade)  Jeanne's half older brother., bonds with Fluffy over the  world cup 

 QUINN  a made-from-scratch kind of guy  who makes his own balsamic vinegar glaze

MAXENCE  A parisian man with a big catamaran in Carnac.