Blood orange crepes Suzette

crepes Suzette a l'orange sanguine  

I love making crepes. So simple, just a handful of key ingredients and you can make something that looks good and tastes great. What more could you ask for? Because crepes really on literally flour, milk and eggs, being picky about the quality of these ingredients is key - down to the oranges because you will be using the zest. I love the contrast of a red color against a dark frying pan, so I thought using blood oranges would be do the trick!  At home, I'm always experimenting with flours, buckwheat, spelt or white, the liquids - sometimes I use homemade almond, hazelnut or oat milk, and the extra flavor - orange blossom, rose syrup, rhum, vanilla extract. For this recipe which is a little bit more fancy, I'm using whole milk and a touch of water to make the batter a little lighter. If Marc convinced you in episode 3, you can always replace the water of this recipe for beer and tell me what you think. Don't be afraid of the flambe step, as long as your caramel is hot, your Cointreau will create beautiful flames - and deepen the orange flavor. 

Serves 4

for the batter

all purpose white organic flour - 250g

whole milk - 200ml

filtered water - or beer, if you really want to take this route - 100ml

eggs - 3 (pasture raised if you can find them!)

orange blossom flower (or vanilla extract ) - 2 teaspoons 

melted butter - 1 tablespoon

sugar - 1 tablespoon (optional)

zest of one orange - (optional)

salt - 1 pinch

for the blood orange caramel

organic blood oranges - 3

small organic oranges - 2

butter - 60g

sugar - 100g

Cointreau - 1 splash

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour and the salt and crack the eggs in the middle. Add 150 ml of the milk and whisk vigorously - by only adding half of the liquids at this stage, you will get a thick lump free batter.  Once all the flour has been incorporated, add the rest of the liquids (50ml of whole milk and 100 ml of filtered water). You can also go water free and just do whole milk if you prefer a richer batter.  Add the melted butter, sugar, orange blossom water and orange zest - if using any. Let the batter rest for about an hour - you can skip this step if you are in a hurry but it's always nice to let it breathe in the fridge a little bit. To make the crepes, use your frying pan on medium/high heat, melt a little bit of butter and using a ladle, pour the batter over the pan, trying to evenly cover it. I like y crepes really thin so I'll take a few holes. Add each crepes to a plate and make a pile of crepes. Cover with a kitchen towel and save. You can do this step ahead and keep in the fridge as the crepes will be reheated in the caramel.

Slice one blood orange and one orange to use as decoration later on : let the oranges slices simmer in a little sugar syrup ( 100 ml of water, 50g of sugar) over medium heat while you make the caramel. 

To make the blood orange caramel, take a deeper frying pan, put it on low heat and add the sugar, as well as the juice of one blood orange. Keep stirring using a spoon until the syrup start bubbling, at this point add the juice of the other blood orange and the zest of one orange. Once the caramel is thin and bubbling, add the butter in dice and let it melt away. Let the caramel reduce a little bit - the water from the orange juice evaporates so that the caramel become a syrup, fold each crepes in 4 and add to the pan. Coat eat crepes with the caramel, using the spoon to turn them over. Don't over cook the crepes, they just need to dive in the caramel, become coated and get out - otherwise they can become mushy. Add the slices of oranges to decorate the crepes. 

To flambe the crepes, add a splash of Cointreau to the frying pan, and quickly strike a match - the flames will go up pretty quickly if your pan is hot enough so don't put your head right over it. 

Serve in a desert plate, 2 crepes per person is usually perfect.